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Every content presented on the website is ‘’as is’’ and is not subject to modification or copyright by any user.

On no account should any document or content upload from the site be transferred to a third party, re-modified in other contexts or commercially displayed. Failure to comply is punishable by the law.

As a user, access to foxinsoft website shows a complete compliance to our privacy terms and policies and complete responsibility of any actions taken by you. Failure to adhere to set down rules is a punishable offence by the law and may cause a prohibition from the use of our website portals

Foxinsoft Technologies takes complete responsibility for its web contents and application. However, it is not responsible for third party links and applications that might be found on the website.

Every imagery and logo including the patterns and color choice represents us as a Brand and an impersonation or duplication is strictly prohibited and may be penalized by the law.

Foxinsoft Technologies is not responsible for any damages experienced by the use of any unverified links, financial loss or loss in content.

Our policy and Terms of could be modified at any time and is not subject to notifications by any user.

System upgrades are also carried out periodically and is also not subject to notification except during the process

Foxinsoft Technologies is subject to preventing access to its web contents and application at any point in time.

This Privacy terms are under the specified requirements by the law. Hence the need for total compliance in your jurisdictions.

Foxinsoft Technologies is not responsible for the contents or validity of the information posted on this site as all contents available for viewing on this website are termed obtained from reliable sources.