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Logo Design

As a premier brand with outstanding team members, we offer simple yet unique logo designs that are highly memorable and when subjected to scaling in which-ever way, it still looks good and stands out. This simplistic in feature is not limited to websites alone but in mobile app developments in our bid to make your brand impactful in content and design. Just like Jacob Cass would say, ‘’logos are made to identify’’ and at GridLabs Tech, we do that and more!

Flyer Design

As a multi-national brand, we pride ourselves in delivering great valued services. In as much as the use of social media marketing has seem to relegate flyers to the background, that don’t mean it’s stopped been a means of disseminating information. At GridLabs Tech, our flyer designs are professional made to depict the features exhibited by a great flyer design. The use of standard printing materials, legible contents free of grammatical errors and simplicity in design-patterns is our slogan to delivering good product results.

Business Card design

Ever heard of the word ‘’keeping it simple and classy?’’, at GridLabs Tech, we do that and more, we keep our products simple and unique. With standard professional design tools, our business cards are designed to be impactful to any receiver. Impactful enough to give a long lasting impression with clear functional contents that are able to fit in to the required card size with clear positioning statements that establishes an emotional connection to your brand.

Broucher Design

Been a home of highly creative and intelligent IT experts, your brochures are designed in respect of the audience you are trying to access. We make use of standard acceptable materials in our designs and our designs are creatively unique and patterned to be original and simplistic in the use of content. We also make use of catchy text for the target audience drawing them to your product and the intricate design patterns well proportioned with the right colors.

Graphic Design
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